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Frequently Asked Questions

All of your burning – or freezing – Plunge questions answered!

Will the Plunge be Virtual or In-Person?

This year, Plunge is once again bringing our Bears the best of both worlds! Register for the In-Person Plunge on the first Sunday in February at 1:00 p.m. in Rehoboth Beach OR register for the Virtual Plunge and get all the fun of jumping in the ocean without, you know, jumping in the ocean.

What if I want to do both? Can I register for the In-Person Plunge AND the Virtual Plunge?

Although we encourage you to be bold and get cold as many times as you like, we ask that you only register for one type of Plunge. If you plan to join us in Rehoboth Beach, please register for the In-Person Plunge. If you want to add on your own Virtual Plunge, you do not need to register for that separately.

If I register for the In-Person Plunge, and then decide I want to participate Virtually (or vice versa), what do I need to do?

If you choose one registration option and then change your mind, you do not need to switch your registration. As long as you raise the required $75, you are an Official Bear and your sweatshirt will be mailed after the event.

Will there be restrictions in place for the In-Person Plunge?

The number one priority for any Special Olympics Delaware event is the safety of our participants and volunteers. We will continue to follow all state guidelines and will work closely with our planning committee to ensure the health and welfare of all
participants. All event updates will be communicated with registered participants.

How do I do the Virtual Plunge, anyway?

Get creative and Plunge on your own – think kiddie pool, water gun, sprinkler, bucket, shower…the possibilities are endless! The best part is you control your water temperature. Whatever you decide to do for your Plunge, we would love to see what you come up with. Feel free to share photos and videos with us!

As you plan your Virtual Plunge, please remember – The in-person Plunge is safe because we have a professional dive team in the water and a Safety Team of emergency responders on site. Do NOT attempt to jump into an ocean, lake, river, or any other open body of water. Do not do anything that could physically harm yourself or others. Special Olympics Delaware is not responsible for any injuries that occur while participating in the Virtual Plunge.

Will I be able to submit photos from my virtual Plunge again this year?

Yes! We want to see photos from all our Bears – in Rehoboth Beach and beyond.

Please check back for instructions to share your freezing photos with us!

How will I receive my Official Plunge Hoodie?

All Official Bears will receive the exclusive Plunge hoodie sweatshirt. We will do our BEARY BEST to ensure that all in-person Bears get their sweatshirt at check-in. If you cannot pick up your sweatshirt at check-in, it will be mailed! Sweatshirts for Virtual Bears will be mailed as well.

What can I do with offline funds?

Any funds collected offline (cash, checks) can be mailed to or dropped off at the Special Olympics Delaware office. If you are mailing funds, please be sure to include either the Offline Donation Form, or a note identifying who the funds are for so that we can credit them appropriately.
Our mailing address is: Special Olympics Delaware, 619 S College Ave, Newark, DE 19716

Can I move funds among team members or other fellow Bears?

We know our Bears get creative and use many different methods to maximize their fundraising efforts. If you need to move any funds, please do so by reaching out to Corinne Plummer at or 302.831.4796. If you cannot take care of moving funds ahead of time, please let the check-in volunteers know that you need to move funds so that you are directed to the correct check-in table.

When can I check in? And can I check in for other Bears, too?

Check-in times and locations are listed here. We strongly recommend taking advantage of one of the early check-in opportunities to make your Plunge day as smooth as possible. You may pick up for anyone else at check-in. If you are picking up for a large group, we will send out a form for you to submit to coordinate this.

I heard about a QR code for check-in – what is that about?

We are using a mobile app to check you in this year! You will receive a QR code via email (from email address You do not have to do anything with the QR code ahead of time. The purpose of the QR code is for our volunteers to scan to bring up your profile. Showing us this QR code will help speed up the check-in process, but it is not a requirement.

If I earn additional fundraising incentives, when will I receive those?

Some fundraising incentives will be distributed at check-in for the In-Person Plunge. All other fundraising incentives will be mailed post-event. Bears who have earned fundraising incentives will receive communication when their items have shipped.

Can I continue to collect donations after the Plunge?

Yes, your online fundraising page will remain open through the month of March, closing March 31. If you receive offline funds after the event, you can turn them in to the SODE office.

Will photos be made available after the Plunge?

We will have volunteer photographers at the In-Person Plunge, and we will collect all shared Virtual Plunge photos in a gallery as well. All photos will be posted and can be downloaded for free. Check out past Plunge photos here.

Be sure to browse the rest of the website for additional tips for ensuring your best Plunge ever.

If you still have questions, please contact or call 302.831.4769.

Thank you for being a Bear!

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