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Levin Matching Fund

If the thought of participating in the Plunge seems utterly unbearable to you, and if you aren’t already planning to support a Plunge participant, there is still a way for you to have an impact on what has evolved into one of SODE’s most significant fundraising events.

Irv Levin and his wife, Phyllis, have once again agreed to match, dollar for dollar, donations made to the Levin Matching Fund. This is a wonderful opportunity to maximize your support for Special Olympics Delaware!

You can donate online, or make sure you stop by and see the Levins on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach during the Plunge.

Irv & Phyllis’ son, Jamie, is a Special Olympics athlete, and they have always provided tremendous support to the organization.

This matching funds effort is their way of continuing that support while also allowing others to join and help create a contribution of even greater significance.

“With a son involved in Special Olympics Delaware, Phyllis and I, as parents, want to be involved in the program. We know how worthwhile and important the organization is, and we also know that the money raised is being used to support the program – and we like that. We see where the money goes and how much the athletes benefit!” – Irv Levin

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